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Virus Removal

Our technology experts will remove your computer threats quickly and protect you from future viruses. We will remove your computer threats during the same day right away. On more severe cases, our Halton PC virus removal service may take up to the next day to remove your virus or infection. Just let us know if you want us to come to your home or office to remove your threats. Or you can walk into to our office to have your virus removed.

What is the computer virus removal process?

  1. First, we inspect your computer and determine where the threat is coming in from. Where is the source?
  2. Then, we will manually remove the virus. This may be by removing it from Windows directories or other folders as well as the registry and start-up entries.
  3. How we go about the manual removal process will encompass many actions: deleting files, running proprietary utilities, virus scans, and an extensive testing process.
  4. The timing usually takes between one to several hours, depending on the number of viruses and nature of the infection.
  5. After the virus removal, we will install a 14-day complimentary subscription of virus removal software so you are protected going forward.

Will I lose my files?

Computer virus removal is a process where we aim to remove the infection. As such, it does not cause file removal or hard drive formatting. that being said, if your operating system is corrupted from the virus, then we would look to recover your files first and then reinstall your operating system. Bottom line, we will look to salvage your files so there is no file loss.