No matter what size your business, you deserve enterprise solutions

Halton PC can create a cloud-based network for your organization that will increase productivity, decrease network downtime, and keep your data safer.

In the past, companies were tied to a single server (or group of servers), either onsite or through a third-party company. If the server was down, well, so was your business. Cloud servers on the other hand offer more flexibility and reliability. Having your network in the “cloud” simply means that it automatically syncs to several web-based servers via the Internet, dramatically reducing downtime. Plus, your employees can log into your network from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection using a PC, tablet, smartphone, or any other Internet-enabled device.

Work smarter, not harder, with true on-demand networking

Cloud Services also make your IT more manageable and cost effective. By migrating from your own in-house servers to cloud servers, you:

* Reduce costs associated with hosting own servers including maintenance and replacement costs

* Only use and pay for the server size you need, when you need it, so your network is fully scalable

* Enjoy less downtime because you’re not relying upon one server or bank of servers

* Have no need for planned downtime for upgrades and maintenance/repairs

* Provide easier network access for your staff working on the road or outside of the office

* Keep your data safer from disaster events like floods, power surges, and other threats to your servers

* Reduce the complexity of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) plans

There is no software to download, no special hardware required, and no additional IT staff required – in fact, with cloud services based systems your current IT staff will have more time to focus on other tasks since server maintenance will be dramatically reduced.

What is “The Cloud”?

Imagine having your data accessible anywhere, safely and on demand. That’s the power of the Cloud Services

In simple terms, “the Cloud” is a special kind of network that you can access from outside the office. Whereas in the past you had to physically (or more recently, wirelessly) connect your computer to your organization’s network onsite, now you can connect from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection. Employees can automatically backup their smartphones to the company cloud servers, transfer files, access mail from anywhere, access company data and digital resources, and all the other things that they previously could do from the office network.

The Cloud also means your data and systems are safely duplicated on multiple web-based servers, decreasing downtime and automatically backing up data. If you’ve ever used Dropbox, the famous file sharing and web-based storage service, you’ll have a good idea of how this works. Any file you save in your Dropbox folder on your office computer automatically syncs to the server so you can access it later on your home computer, from a client’s office, and even your smartphone or tablet.

Send and receive "Business Class" email, reduce your spam, and manage company emails better

Email remains one of the most popular – and important – methods of business communications today. But maintaining your email server can be resource-intensive, from server hardware and software maintenance to constantly updating spam filters and virus protection.

Halton PC’s Hosted Email Service in Ontario can help you cut through the IT mess with streamlined, easy-to-use services that allow you and your company to send, receive, and organize emails simply. Halton PC can help you migrate your email capabilities to hosted solutions like Office 365 or Google’s G Suite quickly and easily so you can enjoy all the benefits of hosted services without all the hassles.

Even though these services host your emails, you still keep your own, professional-looking domain name, e.g. [email protected]

Halton PC will set up your company’s hosted email service system, so you’ll get:

* Better spam filtering and virus protection built in

* Advanced email management tools to help you keep focused, putting what’s important in front of you

* Access from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection

* Increased deliverability of the emails you send as well, so that your legitimate messages don’t find their way into your customer’s spam filter.* It’s like your email is sent business class!

* Better company-wide email management for archiving and data analyzing

* Ad-free service, unlike free versions

* Advanced email search capabilities

Halton PC will create your email server, do all necessary migration of current email system, and create all accounts as necessary. We also offer optional hosted email service setup on company smartphones, tablets, etc. so they are working properly and ready to go for your staff without any hassles.

Virtual private cloud servers offer the best of all worlds for reliability, accessibility, and disaster recovery

“Virtual servers.” “Private clouds.” “σήμερα.”

If these words all look Greek to you, you’re not alone. Even though virtual servers have been around for many years, most people outside of tech have only the vaguest idea – if any – of what it means. Adding in a term like “private cloud server” doesn’t help either.

It wouldn’t matter, except that pairing a virtual server such as Microsoft’s Hyper-V with HP’s ProLiant servers installed by CompCiti Business Solutions represent the biggest advance – and biggest cost savings – in your IT systems since networking began.

Here it is in layperson terms, and how it can help your company right now.

The Advantages of Virtualization

Let’s put it in easy terms and forget about the nuts and bolts about how it works. What if you could reduce the number of servers you had, make backups and upgrades way easier, and reduce your costs while you’re at it? In general, those are the biggest advantages of virtual servers. Here’s why:

* Faster Backups – Backing up a normal server can take hours or more going from one hard drive to another. A virtual server though can be backed up with a “snapshot” that is almost instantaneous. It’s so fast in fact that you can back up a virtual server several times per day instead of just once.

* Faster Recovery – Similarly, in the event of a system crash or other disaster, virtual servers can be recovered almost immediately so you can get online faster and experience less data loss and downtime.

* Faster Upgrades – Updating software is much faster than replacing hardware and does not usually require a system shutdown.

* Better Data Management – Data can move faster and more places throughout your network.

* Faster Overall System Speeds – Software runs much faster than hardware, so you’ll see a noticeable speed increase system-wide.

* Reduces Hardware and in Turn Costs – Virtual servers require much less hardware to operate, which means you’ll have lower upgrade costs and lower energy costs needed to run and cool hardware.

* Go Green – Since these systems require much less energy to operate, you are helping reach your organization’s green initiatives.

The Advantages of a Private Cloud Server

You’ve likely heard about various cloud solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive. These are basic cloud solutions providing storage for your files that you can access and back up from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

A private cloud server is like that, except that they are not shared services owned by third-party companies. As the name implies, it is private – you own it, and only those people you authorize can use it. There are many advantages to this:

* Your Network, Everywhere – No matter where in the world your employees are, they can access company files and data.

* Better Security – Private clouds are protected by your own firewall.

* Better Privacy – You are not held to other people’s Terms and Conditions – including how they potentially use your data – which could be in conflict of your own privacy policies.

* Increased Reliability – Data is actually stored in several places at once so that if one physical server goes down, others are available to jump in seamlessly.

Combine Both for the Ideal Corporate Network!

Bring together virtual servers with private clouds, and you get a complete network system that is:

* More secure

* More accessible from anywhere in the world

* More Flexible

* Easier to monitor for attempted hacks and attacks

* Less likely to crash

* Much easier to back up

Much faster to get back online if the system does crash

Much less likely to lose data

Easier, faster, and less expensive to upgrade

Much, much more cost effective!

Contact Halton PC to find out how a private cloud with virtualization can help your company or organization.